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Tracking number

Solution All orders above USD 100 are sent tracked. In such cases, please do not ask us for a tracking number - it will be emailed to you as soon as we have it.

Orders under USD 100 are only sent tracked to selected destinations. Whether or not such an order has been sent tracked depends on whether or not you have been charged for shipping, which you can verify in your order confirmation email or in our store. If there is a shipping charge, you will always be sent a tracking number.

In all other cases, the shipment will be sent untracked and we can not provide a tracking number. Of course we also guarantee the delivery of untracked shipments.
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We will believe you when you say an untracked package has not arrived. So we will always refund you in that case.
The only thing we'll always ask for is that you'll wait until a customs- or transit delay can't be to blame, before we refund.
When something arrived in bad condition we often send two replacements and we will never ask you to pay for return shipping.
US customers: Please note that transit delays are always in the US itself, regardless of USPS' false claim of "Origin Post Preparing Shipment".