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When our emails do not arrive

Solution It happens from time to time that Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and Comcast refuse to relay our payment and shipping confirmation emails to our customers. This is due to overly agressive junk mail filtering on the part of these providers which sometimes can not be solved by whitelisting the domain in your safe senders list.

In such cases, you would have to rely on your store account with us to log in and see your order status. However, when you checked out as a guest, our store will send you your password by email and if you can't receive that email, you will never know your order status. Payment confirmation emails from our payment processors should arrive without problems however.

The solution to this problem is to open a support ticket here and inquire about your order status. You will be issued a ticket number by the system which you can use later to look at the ticket and see whether it has been answered already. We hope that you will also tell your email provider to stop blacklisting the domain.
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We will believe you when you say an untracked package has not arrived. So we will always refund you in that case.
The only thing we'll always ask for is that you'll wait until a customs- or transit delay can't be to blame, before we refund.
When something arrived in bad condition we often send two replacements and we will never ask you to pay for return shipping.
US customers: Please note that transit delays are always in the US itself, regardless of USPS' false claim of "Origin Post Preparing Shipment".