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Randomly selected example of a chargeback fraudster.
We exposed more information on this thief on fraudulent buyer blacklist sites.

KALIA RENEE STEVENS-JIMERSON (fraud, $26) Phone: 3109386429
(This criminal agreed with our T&C so we have a contractual license to publish this data.)
Also when they use an alias, we usually manage to find photos of the thief.


We will believe you when you say an untracked package has not arrived. So we will always refund you in that case.
The only thing we'll always ask for is that you'll wait until a customs- or transit delay can't be to blame, before we refund.
When something arrived in bad condition we often send two replacements and we will never ask you to pay for return shipping.
US customers: Please note that transit delays are always in the US itself, regardless of USPS' false claim of "Origin Post Preparing Shipment".