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Unable to pay? It's usually your bank, as a security precaution blocking the transfer to us in Europe (Czech Republic).
When your payment fails, our store sends you an email with often the reason, plus suggestions how to solve it.
Please try those first before contacting us for our bank wire information. We do not use PayPal.

Transit time issue? Depending on your location, due to COVID delays (mail goes on passenger planes/trains and
there is much less travel traffic. Also, all postal services are under tremendous strain because locked-down people are
ordering enormous amounts of packages. USPS is struggling like never before, also because many of their employees are sick.
In Canada and Europe, the situation is the same. You agreed to a max. 90-day transit time, regardless of available tracking.
When it is clear the shipment is merely delays, we will not do a postal "missing shipment" inquiry or re-send/refund before that time.
We believe you when you say an untracked package has not arrived. So we will always refund you.
The only thing we ask for is that you'll wait until a customs- or transit delay can't be to blame, before we refund.

Missing or flawed item? We'll often send two replacements* and no need to return it.
(*Except for the Derminator, we'll send one new machine after remote troubleshooting shows a manufacturing flaw.)

Gmail often 'disappears' our notification emails so copy your ticket number to search & find our reply later!
Some browser extentions block access to tickets. Then you should use a different browser, temporarily! (e.g. MS Edge)

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Random bad customer:
We exposed this person on a variety of sites.

Soraya Alyssa Sanchez (extortion, $32)
11182 W Granada Road, Avondale (Crystal Point), Arizona 85323, UNITED STATES.
Phone: 6233262703. PO Box 1172, Avondale, 85323 AZ. Sasanchez011@gmail.com
(This criminal agreed with our T&C so we have a contractual license to publish this data.)